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About Enterprise


Enterprise Truck Brokers has been transporting freight along the eastern coast of the United States for our clients since 1987.  We have our own transportation network of qualified, dependable carriers that are continuously monitored for insurance and authority status and track record.  During our many years in business, we have successfully served thousands of clients with a wide variety of freight. 


Our specialty is transporting produce, but our overall goal is to facilitate partnerships between clients needing freight transported and the most qualified carrier for the job. Our Dispatch Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve you.


We are fully licensed and insured, with one goal in mind: To meet your requirements in the most professional, efficient, economical manner possible to gain your confidence and respect.


Our Process

Enterprise has become a proven leader in the logistics industry through its dedication to excellence in securing the right equipment, driver, and route and communicating with the driver from start to finish to assure timely delivery of your freight.  We follow through from pick-up to delivery and guarantee that your product arrives in good condition.  If there are shortages, overages or damage to your freight, our Logistics Department will work with you to determine your preference in resolving the issue.


CEO is about Helping Other



Message from Our President:

Since our humble beginning in 1987 in Sanford, Florida, Enterprise has built itself on values passed down for generations.  Our Mission has always been to build partnerships with our Customers, Shippers and Carriers to create an extraordinary logistics service by providing personalized services, economic value and professional growth.

We know that our continued growth depends on building these lasting relationships. Each of our departments is structured to help achieve this mission. Whether you are a Customer, Shipper or Carrier, you will find that each department works to meet your unique needs.

Systems like our E-Tracking system, on-line Proof of Deliveries or our Enterprise “Select Carrier” program all have your best interest in mind.

Also, visit our CEO Department to see how your partnerships help spread joy through our our local and global community.

Thank you  for your interest and continued partnership, and may God bless you, your family and your business.

Your Logistics Partner,

Thomas J. Cople
Enterprise Truck Brokers


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