Get Paid Secure & Reliable

Faster Ways to Get Paid

Enterprise has implemented TRANSFLO Express and the app, TRANSFLO $Velocity, to send your documents with more ease and certainty. Using these free services ensures your trip information getting to us in minutes instead of days.

Benefits to You:

Faster Pay … no mail delivery time sending documents.

Document Control … no sending of originals.

Accounting … keep paperwork until payment received

Confirmation … receive confirmation number for assurance of document delivery and processing.

Cost … no faxing; only $2.50 per load (not per page).

Individual Owner Operators

With your rate confirmation comes an Enterprise cover sheet to use for TRANSFLO Express. Stop by any Pilot or Love's Travel Center … hand in your paperwork with the Enterprise cover sheet and receive your confirmation. It's that easy! Have a laptop & scanner in your cab?

Go to to submit your paperwork, reliably. Broker ID: ETKCV


When your drivers return their paperwork, utilize TRANSFLO $Velocity to submit your invoices, reliably, to us within minutes.

Go to Broker ID: ETKCV