Shippers Secure & Reliable

All logistics companies are not created equal. All claim to have thousands of carriers, the best possible pricing, and the best service.

The truth is … all of us have access to thousands of carriers. However, it’s during inevitable challenges that we shine!


Most logistics companies can find a truck, pick up a load and even deliver on time. The real test of experience comes when something inevitably goes wrong, or needs special attention. Whether it is transporting costly asparagus, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, or time-sensitive fresh poultry product, our expert handling of your specific concerns becomes evident. We always meet the challenge.

Economically Responsible

Our company has implemented money-saving technology, such as EDI (Electronic Data Interface), e-Billing, online POD's, and e-Tracking to help improve your supply chain cost and customer retention. It is one thing to have economical rates, but another to have Enterprise Premium Services to improve your ultimate financial picture.

High Quality Screening

Anyone can find a carrier. But … we have built relationships with quality carriers that have passed our e-Network Carrier screening process. Most logistics companies screen once then file away. Not Enterprise. We systematically screen every carrier before each load they haul, assuring our e-Network Carriers remain in compliance with our ridged qualifications.

Shippers FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your payment terms to the carrier?
    Payment is made to our carriers on the same day that Enterprise receives the original POD's for delivered freight. If the POD's are received via regular mail, the check is sent out in the same manner unless otherwise specified by the carrier. Payment can be made via FedEx or Comcheck for an additional fee. Advances are also an option for some carriers.
  • What type of insurance does Enterprise carry?
    A minimum of $100,000 in cargo insurance. A minimum of $100,000 in auto liability insurance. A guarantee that Enterprise had never failed to handle any issues on cargo claims. We are a TIA member and adhere to their code of ethics.